Welcome to the World of Lupines Foundation (W.O.L.F.), an international collaborative organisation of wolfdog experts, enthusiasts and ethical breeders. Our aim is to provide an educational and support network for wolfdog owners, supporters and breeders around the world and to run a global registration service for ethically produced wolfdogs.

W.O.L.F. has grown swiftly since its inception, expanding its educational and welfare support system and already is harvesting the fruits of its first international breeding collaborations.
Following discussions with our wolfdog expert friends around the world and taking advice about the local needs of international wolfdog communities, we have decided to make our Lupine Dog breed development more inclusive to a wider range of wolfdogs and wolf-alike dogs. This will be achieved by opening up our system of registry and by expanding to become an umbrella organisation under which different ethical international operatives can come together to collaborate, cooperate and support one another. Each ‘zone’ around the world has its own representative and local support network, providing ‘local knowledge’ and supplying a link to the global umbrella.

W.O.L.F. is committed to educating the public about lupine dogs, dispelling the myths and the mystery to ensure there’s a safe place for them in the modern world. We want to ensure new and potential owners receive the best knowledge to help them make the right choices – not only which breed is right for them, but which breeders they should choose and support – and also help them make lifestyle and training choices to ensure their lupines lead happy, healthy and safe lives.

From the beginning, the dog has been ‘man’s best friend’. But today, many puppies are sadly bred only for commercial gain. Their health and happiness – and that of their parents – tragically comes second to either making cash or creating the next show-ring ‘fad’. Our goal at W.O.L.F. is to help preserve and protect this most sacred of bonds between man and nature by promoting the highest ethical standards for Natural-type dogs as family friends.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your visit to the World Of Lupines Foundation today. Our organisation is here to help improve standards around the world for Lupine Dogs.